Crane Cashless Portal

The Most Flexible, User-Friendly Solution for Cashless

  • Powerful Cloud-based reporting and analytics tool enables performance tracking for cash and cashless sales
  • Remote management of machines for approved operational efficiency
  • Accessible deposits that correspond to the cashless sales for increased accountability
  • Designed as an flexible solution capable of offering online services such as remote management of planograms, advertisements and promotions.


Even Better With VendMax

Crane Cashless and VendMAX together provide vending operators with a highly robust vending management system.

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Simple Cashless Reconcilation

Patented, highly reliable mdb alerts with mobile app

Free remote DEX for accurate pre-kitting & dynamic scheduling

Cashless analytics break-even & profitability analysis

Create custom commission rules for cashless sales

Accurate sales reporting for two-tier pricing

Automatic handheld assignment for full accountability & diagnostics

Full, service-to-service cashless reconciliation (transaction by transaction)