Navigator Touch

The Navigator Touch retrofit screen adds a new dimension to your existing vending machines, improving your Cashless return on investment with digital advertising and increased loyalty participation driving sales 10 percent higher than cashless alone. This easy-to-install retrofit device will deliver a better customer service experience with nutritional information and automatic refunds. Engage consumers, drive sales, and maximize your technology investment with the telemeter you already have.

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Route Driver & Service Tech Apps Updated

Route drivers can use tablet devices to see and service the machine from a single-screen planogram view, complete with product images. Product images can also be seen on the product selection screen on smartphone devices. This enables operators to choose the device that works best for their operation. The Service Tech Mobile App has also been updated with a new set of features including the ability to create, update, and manage service calls through the app. Supervisors in the field can view all calls and re-assign technicians on demand directly in the app.

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New & Improved Crane Cashless Mobile App

Crane has upgraded its widely popular Cashless Mobile App to give drivers, managers and sales people the tools they need to deliver a superior customer service experience. The new features include improved search, a managerial centric dashboard and new mapping technology to better track where your assets are. Finally, you can also assign and unassign devices through the app.

Crane Cashless launched the app last year to give you more tools to drive profitable growth. The app continues to give you quick access to configuration, setup, alerts and troubleshooting. For technicians who need help, there is one-click access to support from the mobile app. The app is supported by Apple and Android for both mobile and tablet applications. To learn more, watch our short video blog.

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Crane Cashless Adds Alert Management to Portal

Crane Cashless has added an enhanced alert management feature to its cashless portal to give customers greater insight into machine and device health. The feature which is free for Crane Cashless customers, allows operators to see what's going on with their machines, understand the history and status of the alert, and take the necessary actions to resolve issues.

The portal now features an alert dashboard that gives operators a quick overview of network health and the ability to drill into specific performance areas such as sales, device communications, DEX, payment systems, hardware, and coffee.

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