Introducing COTI

As a part of CPI, Crane Merchandising Systems delivers the next generation of self-serve coffee with the COTI freestanding coffee vending machine. Designed to reliably deliver barista-quality beverages every time, COTI's modern, touchscreen user interface will inspire confidence in your customers while delivering measurable ROI and increase in sales.

COTI Freestanding Coffee Vending Machine

Build a modern, hygienic coffee experience with the COTI free-standing coffee vending machine. With a large touchscreen and custom user interface, operators can engage users with a broad menu of fresh brew coffee beverages, while maintaining commonality with legacy machines for ease of servicing and cleaning. 

  • 21” Full capacity touchscreen, with ADA compliance mode, to actively engage users

  • Extensive drink menus offering a variety of coffee, espresso, and tea drinks enabling operators to increase drink prices for higher ROI

  • Customizable beverage options with “Save my Drink” option to encourage return users

  • Reduced maintenance costs with 15-50% reduced cleaning time compared to competition
  • Flexible user interface allows operators to customize drink menu, drink names, and screen content and images, plus enable full HD video content

  • Integrates with other Crane Machines to provide a customizable, streamlined food and beverage portfolio experience

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VOCE Media is no longer available for purchase. Please see COTI for an alternative freestanding coffee vending machine solution.

Bring the coffee house experience to your consumers with barista-quality drinks from VOCE MEDIA coffee vending machine. Designed to brew that perfect cup every time, VOCE MEDIA offers a wide range of premium hot beverages that will transform your consumer’s experience and increase your sales.

With its ATM-style user-interface and powered by the MEDIA platform, VOCE MEDIA offers your consumers the variety they want with 18 drink selections. At the same time, VOCE exceeds consumer taste expectations with the same high-quality brewing process you find at the local coffee house.

Each drink is consistently delivered with stellar taste, aroma, color and appearance, and will bring consumers back for more. VOCE MEDIA is available in fresh-brew and bean-to-cup models and has proven to be a favorite destination for perfectly-brewed drinks served consistently and conveniently.

  • Premium coffee and specialty hot beverages
  • Reliable vending performance
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Small footprint

Download VOCE MEDIA datatsheet